1 +1 Studio Apartments

In the most beautiful location of Konyaaltı, located on a 2130 m2 area in the center of the city, consisting of 1 block and 30 apartments, Park Mira offers you a modern life with studio apartments without compromising your comfort…

Popularity of the Konyaaltı Projects of Özgüntur and the belief that it will make a high premium has been accelerated with the introduction of Boğaçayı Project. You can find detailed information about the subject in the promotional video prepared by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality in the above link.

Floor Plans


• Veneered and/or lacquered cloakroom doors will be installed in the places shown in its project (if any) according to the decoration project.

• Veneered and/or lacquered kitchen cabinets specially designed according to its project, and counter tops made of natural stone and/or acrylic will be added.
• Built-in appliances to be used in kitchens (cooker, oven, hood or aspirator) will be Teka, Franke, Siemens or equivalent brand.

• Water based satin/plastic paint, decorative paint applications will be made on gypsum plaster or gypsum panel suspended ceiling in the apartments.

• Brick, pumice or gas concrete wall blocks will be used in properties and dimensions in accordance with the fire legislation; and water based satin paint application will be made on the gypsum plaster on the interior walls in accordance with the decoration project.

• According to the decoration project, 1st class domestic or imported ceramic, vitrified and fittings will be used on all wet areas.
• Bathtubs, flat shower pans or level shower system will be used in the bathrooms according to the apartment type and shower cabin will be installed.
• Six cabinet built-in washbasin or washbasins with shelves will be used according to the project.

• Domestic or import laminated flooring will be applied on screed.
• Skirting board in accordance with the material used in the interior doors will be constructed.

• Natural stone, ceramic or laminate application will be made according to the apartment types.
• Skirting boards will be made of material in harmony with the materials used in the interior doors used in the rooms.

• Individual system natural gas heating and hot water installation will be made and the combi boiler will be installed in each apartment.
• Samsung, Mitsubishi, Daikin or equivalent inverter multi air conditioning system will be installed in all apartments.
• In case of water cut and insufficient pressure, sufficient amount of water tank and distribution system will be used.
• Silent pipe will be used for wastewater and rain water drainage system.

• Measures will be taken considering Turkey Fire Protection Regulations.

• Decorative group switches and sockets will be used, and cabling and lighting infrastructure will be established in accordance with the project.
• All sockets to be used in houses will be earthed type.
• Satellite and National Broadcasting Private Satellite Systems infrastructure will be installed in the building TV installations. In case decoder – receiver is provided by the user or in case of subscription, Satellite broadcasts and National Broadcasting Private Satellite Systems broadcasts will be possible to watch.
• The cables and pipes to be used will comply with the Fire Regulations.
• There will be residual current relay in the apartments.

• Large-volume, high-speed, ventilated elevators in model and brand according to the targeted project standard will be used.

All designs, animations, 3-dimensional drawings, and graphics in this website are shown for promotion purposes. Our company is not responsible for errors arising from graphic, design, composition and printing. Özgüntur İnşaat has the right to make alterations on the common place pictures, exterior façades and layout plan. The information in the contract will be valid in case of an error. Özgüntur İnşaat reserves the right to make necessary changes in the project.

Common Areas

• Located on a plot of 2130 m2
• 30 apartments
• Pedestrian paths, hard ground and green landscaping areas

• Indoor and outdoor swimming pool
• Basketball and children’s playground
• Fitness room, sauna

• Entry and exit from controlled points for pedestrians and vehicles
• Intercom between the entrance security cabin and all apartments
• 7 x 24 camera security system

• C 30 Class high strength concrete will be used in buildings which will be constructed with conventional formwork system.
• All buildings will be constructed on a reinforced concrete raft foundation system.
• Rainwater drainage system will be constructed for the foundation, construction environment and the site.

• Water insulation system will be installed under the raft foundation, basement floor, and exterior curtain walls and ceiling.
• The walls between the individual apartments will be soundproofed.
• Sound insulation will be made in the areas where water tanks and water boosters are located.
• Continuous thermal insulation (sheathing) will be made on all exterior façades.

• Brick or shingle covered roofs with thermal and water insulation in compliance with the technique will be formed.

• Partial natural stone, wooden-like ceramic, natural wood or composite panel and similar A1 class non-combustible materials will be used on the façade in accordance with the project.
• Tempered or laminated glass will be used in the balconies according to the project.

• There will be locked mailboxes and notice board will be in the lobby area, separate of each individual section.
• Camera and speaking module, LCD screen intercom panel will be installed at the block entrances.
• Natural stone, natural stone-like ceramic, marble or equivalent floor covering will be used at the block entrances in accordance with the architectural project.