A new approach in Uncalı

A Compact Living Space in 2+1, 3+1, and 4+1 Apartments

In the most beautiful location of Konyaaltı, located on a 2.414 m2 area in the center of the city, Park Tema provides a tranquil and new life accompanied by verdant nature with 2 blocks and 41 apartments… Park Tema, presented to you with the latest approach of the completed Park Royal, Park Maya, Park Vega and Park Mira projects will be ready to be live in March 2020 and it will be waiting for you with its 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, and 4+1 duplex apartments…

Floor Plans


Elevators will be applied with speed, size, ventilation, and intercom system in accordance with the project.
Elevators will be ANKE or equivalent brand.
Elevator cabin will be covered with stainless steel, wood, glass or mirror.
Elevators will be made fully automatic and overload warning device will be installed.

Natural gas will be used in the heating of the building.
Heating system is central and engine room will be made in the basement floor and a chimney system reaching the roof will be installed.
Heat cost allocator will be installed in each apartment.
The apartments will be covered by EPS thermal insulation material with polyethylene pipes to be heated underfloor and cement finish will be laid.
Samsung, Mitsubishi, Daikin or equivalent inverter air conditioning system will be installed in all apartments.
Thermal and noise insulation will be provided by way of thermal insulation PVC joinery and thermal insulation feature (4+12+4) double glazing glasses on the exterior facades.

PVC pipe fittings will be used in sewage installation.
Hot water installation will be arranged to be used in the kitchens and bathrooms in the apartment in connection with each other.
Water insulated water tank will be constructed in accordance with the project. Filter installation will be placed in the water inlet to hold the particles.
A pressurized water booster will be placed in compliance with the project.
Ventilation of sewage pipe will be connected to the external environment.
Each apartment will be equipped with water heating bath heater.

Electrical energy will be distributed to the apartment as single-phase and phases will be balanced in the apartment.
Electrical installation will be applied as without conduit box.
Lighting and socket outlets will not be connected to one another.
Siemens or equivalent automatic fuse will be used in the apartments’ electric panels.
Siemens or equivalent residual current relay will be used in the apartments’ electric panels.
Electric, socket and lamp switches will be VIKO or similar brand.
Earthing installation will be made for collecting static electricity in accordance with the project on the foundation of the building.
All materials will be TSE certified.
Common areas will be illuminated by motion detectors.

There will be sockets, TV or data line according to the interior decoration project in the apartments.
Two lines will be installed in the apartments connected to the roof antenna. Satellite broadcast will be provided.
Digital infrastructure will be provided in the building.
The necessary infrastructure will be installed to the building for Türk Telekom to provide phone and internet connection.
Thanks to the central antenna system, the TV channels broadcasting normally, Digiturk broadcasts, and satellite broadcasts can be watched with receiver and subscription support.

The apartments will have a living room, a master bedroom and a TV set in the kitchen.
Telephone cables will be TSE certified and shielded multi-cable.
Each apartment will be equipped with an entrance door, parking lot entrance door, entrance to the site, video intercom connection and the opportunity to communicate with the site office and security.

Common Areas

The structure will be manufactured in reinforced concrete carcass system.
All the materials to be used in the structure and the manufacturing will be in compliance with Turkish Standards and the Disaster Regulations of the region.
In the static calculations of the project, Turkish Standards and Earthquake regulations in force in our country will be used.
Plywood floor formwork, and plywood surface steel panel formwork will be used for the columns and curtains in the conventional formwork system.
It will be based on the project, the concerete will be C25 and the iron will be StIII.
In the seating area of the building, the excavate area will be compacted and C20 lean concrete will be laid up to 7 to 10 cm height. Polymer bituminous water insulation cover will be spread on the lean concrete for waterproofing insulation in a way to cover the foundation or waterproofing insulation will be made in a similar manner.
On the parking lot ground, drainage will be installed before filling as drenflex and it will be covered by pebble work as required by the technique.
If the elevation with inclination is sufficient for the drainage water, it will be connected to the wastewater network of the city with gravitation; if not sufficient, it will be increased to the draining elevation by pump force.
External walls will be constructed with insulation brick material in compliance with thermal insulation regulation with TSE certificate.
Plasters will be made in template, plumb and setsquare. Inner and outer plasters will be made as cement based rough plaster and will be finished with lean plaster in the outer section and gypsum plaster in the inner section.

One vehicle parking lot space for each apartment will be provided.
Entrance of the parking lot will be an automatic aluminum door.
Automatic pass system will be used for the vehicle entry.
Clean water, fire, pool water tanks and pumps will be in the basement.
Clean water tank will be made of stainless steel.
Central heating cascade system will be in the basement.
Children playground designed for the kids will be equipped with a camera-controlled intercom system to be monitored from the apartment.

Decorative materials such as frames, floor moldings, ceramic, wood, paint will be used for the facade materials according to the architectural project. All alteration rights are under the initiative of Architect ŞEVKET ALTINDAL.
Balcony and french balcony railings will be applied as iron, glass, aluminum etc. according to the project and the alteration right is under the initiative of Architect Şevket Altındal.
Building entrance hall flooring and stairs will be made as marble or ceramic coating in accordance with interior decoration project; steel, wood, or ceramic coating and painting will be used in the entrance walls according to the project, and elevator edge coatings will be made as marble, wood, etc; and interior decoration company IDEALIST has the alteration rights.
Garden walls will be made with exposed concrete; it will be painted with acrylic paint as steel, glass, aluminum etc. on the top side.
Security cabin and WC will be constructed at the entrance of the building.